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Table 8 Open access disincentives in order of frequency

From: Factors influencing publication choice: why faculty choose open access

Cost 5
Publications not highly respected 4
Few venues 3
Not that I know of 3
Lower impact factor 1
Concerns for own career 1
Concerns for career of their students 1
Lack of OA support from institution 1
  1. Additional participant comments regarding disincentives for open access publishing:
  2. "Page costs may be a factor, but UNC is a member [of the open access publisher] so it doesn't matter. I have to deal with high page costs anyway because I have to pay for color images."
  3. "In some cases, journals increased page charges to offset the costs of open access. This can be a factor as the amount of money we have for page charges is small and comes from grants, not our department or UNC funds."
  4. "Cost. For example PLoS is very expensive, but the University has an agreement so I pay less."
  5. "None, except some open access venues are not highly respected."