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Table 1 Characteristics of Products Evaluated

From: Purchasing online journal access for a hospital medical library: how to identify value in commercially available products

  Name of List Name of Provider available Number of journal editions full text Embargo on recent Cost US $
A Biomedical Reference Collection Comprehensive Edition EBSCO Publishing 550 Yes up to 12 months 8215
B Proquest Research Library, Pharmaceutical News Index and Medical Library Proquest 494 Yes up to 12 months 7500
C Ovid Core Biomedical Collection Ovid Technologies Inc 15 No 12,437
D Ovid Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Brandon Hill Collection Ovid Technologies Inc 20 No 11,069
E Ovid Brandon/Hill Plus Collection Ovid Technologies Inc 66 No 54,746
F Ovid Brandon/Hill plus Hague Collection 1 and 11 Ovid Technologies Inc 124 No 99,000