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Table 1 Comparison of Scopus vs Web of Science

From: Scopus database: a review

  Web of Science (SCI) Scopus
Coverage 1992-date 1966-date (abstracts)
  1900-date 1996-date (cited references)
# of Journals Indexed 8700 14,000
# of Citations 36.1 million 27 million
Update Schedule Weekly Updated daily
Subjects covered Life sciences, clinical medicine, animal & plant biology,
biotechnology, agriculture, environmental sciences, physics,
chemistry, earth sciences, mathematics, engineering, technology, computer science
5900 titles in life and health sciences; chemistry, physics, math,
engineering, social sciences, psychology, economics,
biological, agricultural, environmental, general sciences
Geographic coverage 80 countries 60% of titles are from countries other than USA
Indexing Author defined keywords and KeyWordsPlus EMTREE, MESH and others